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Planning your vacation is a full-time job. Admit it, you spend days, weeks… or if you’re like my mom, months clicking through websites, being lured in by a photo that promises paradise or perhaps, seduced by a price that seems too good to be true (hint: it probably is.)

Between coordinating dates that suit everybody, booking transportation, gathering passports, figuring out hotel rooms and car rentals and activities and grub, you might as well quit your day job right now, just to start.

Or, you can seek the help of a professional travel agent and save yourself all that trouble. I’ve been training travel agents for three years, and I can tell you, it’s more than worth the price ($0- yes, that’s zero dollars,) to work with one.

We’re not talking about just any travel agent, however. We’re talking about one that specializes in the exact location and trip you’re looking for.

Benefits of Booking with a Travel Agent:

  1. Saves you time (and time= money, family enjoyment, your own self-care, etc.)
  2. Has access to better pricing with top travel brands (they want travel agents to promote their brand, so they give agents better pricing than consumers)
  3. Has access to travel brands that don’t work with consumers
  4. Has relationships with the suppliers so if/when something isn’t to your specifications, your agent can take care of that while you continue to enjoy your vacation (a website doesn’t do that… seriously, try calling a website… that’s right, you can’t answer the phone, it’s a website)
  5. Protects you from unvetted and fraudulent vendors/websites
  6. Is educated on your location and can put together more than a vacation… they give you an experience because they know about extras that you don’t.
  7. Gets to know you and your needs intimately, and will continue to rise to the occasion, trip after trip!

As someone who travels A LOT, I love that I have a travel agent to take care of my arrangements and problem-solve when issues come up. It gives me the freedom to keep doing what I love to do… inspire you!

ps I happen to know a few thousand travel agents when you need one. And I know they know their stuff because as their trainer, they keep teaching me new facts and insider secrets.  



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