I am Gluten and Dairy free and always looking for a way to avoid cooking while still getting the proper amount of protein I need for how much I work out. I’ve had think! Bars before and found them palatable, but overall dry and not like the candy bar that I wish it were. Now it turns out they are not dairy free, but they don’t bother me, maybe because it’s cooked in. Dairy in gluten-free baked goods don’t bother me either.  

Then I saw that “Hostess Cupcake” on a box and got pulled in. The Chocolate & Crème Cupcake flavor is chewier and comes somewhat close to the flavor of having the childhood favorite of mine… and quite frankly, eating a Hostess “anything” now does NOT taste anywhere near as delicious as it did when I was a kid. Did the ingredients change or has my palate?

I always carry two bars with me, one for me when I’m starving and one to share if I’m with another person who cares so little about food that they are starving too.

Note: I tried to sneak one into a Taylor Swift concert in a cute little tampon holder that is velvet and reads “DRAMA QUEEN,” but even though I had a see-through purse, the security girl took out my holder and checked for tampons… busted! Maybe it was obvious that I’ve been through menopause. She threw out my bar! Drat!!!

think! Protein Bars, High Protein Snacks, Gluten Free, Low Sugar Energy Bar with Whey Protein Isolate, Chocolate & Crème Cupcake, Nutrition Bars without Artificial Sweeteners, 2.1 Oz (10 Count)

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