From unexpected venues to stunning natural landscapes, these unique wedding destinations will make saying “I do” a truly unforgettable experience.
Bonus: They aren’t the beach.
Although we love a good sandy destination wedding, we know these aren’t for everybody.
So if you’re looking to get out of your hometown for the big day but aren’t into the typical beach wedding, this list is for you.

1. Get married in a treehouse.

If you dream about being married up in the sky among lush trees with plenty of views, a treehouse wedding might be the ultimate destination to tie the knot. Quite a few venues across the globe offer this unique experience, including Treehouse Point in Washington State, Chateaux Dans Les Arbres in France, and Tongabezi in Zambia.

2. Get married on a glacier.

For those attracted to the colder climates, a wedding of ice and snow might just be your dream locale. Alaska Weddings does just this, flying brides and grooms via helicopter to a breathtaking glacier to pledge vows, before heading back to Juneau for the reception.

3. Get married at a vineyard.

Wine lovers are probably already thinking about this rustic yet elegant setting. Vineyard weddings come with so many perks, such as picture-perfect backdrops of rolling hills and twisted vines, and plenty of open space for your guests to explore.

4. Get married near a volcano.

Saying “I do” next to some molten lava is reserved for the most adventurous of couples. Not looking to get too close? Some venues offer volcanoes as stunning backdrops, such as Volcano Hawaii Weddings, or with volcano views, in Costa Rica.

5. Get married in a hot air balloon.

Ever dream about swirling through the clouds in a colorful balloon? Not only does the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team facilitate this, but they can also help create magical experiences, such as your entire bridal party floating away in balloons, or even having one tethered to the ground during your reception for amazing photo opportunities.

6. Get married in a cave.

For those who dig the mysterious splendor of a cave, getting hitched in one might just be the perfect setting. There are venues worldwide providing this breathtaking experience, including this hidden cave in Iceland, an incredibly romantic restaurant tucked into an grotto in Italy, and the chapel in the first chamber of the Philippines Callo Cave.

7. Get married in the mountains.

There are countless mountain-esque settings for your big day. Whether a snow-capped backdrop, or pre-marriage hike for a spectacular view, mountain weddings are perfect for outdoor lovers, with a side order of rustic charm.

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