I often use Under the Tuscan Sun as an example of movies that make you want to travel. Having a lesson in mind, I decided to watch the 2003 film again to get my facts straight. You know the expression “the teacher will appear when the student is ready?” You can guess what happened… I went in with one lesson in mind but came out with the one I needed to dig into. Rather than sticking to my original plan, let’s dig in together, see if you may want to explore what I uncovered in this movie as well.

When Frances Mayes’ life is abruptly shattered, she accepts a friend’s gift of a trip to Tuscany. On the guided tour, she stops the bus, gets off with her luggage, and in a moment of impulse buys a villa in a country she knows no one, doesn’t speak the language, and quickly discovers the renovations needed are a huge job.

This is an article about being brave. As a coach, I am consistently looking for the blocks, the obstacles, the blind spots, which stop my clients from moving forward and achieving the level of success they desire.

Last week a friend held up a metaphorical mirror in front of me. She uncovered a block I’d turned into a blind spot. What I mean is, I knew the block existed, but by putting it away in a place I was blind to, by making myself busy with other strategies for accomplishing my goals, my denial felt justified.  It didn’t matter that I avoided an action that would help me succeed because I was taking other actions toward the same outcome. And yet, looking in that “mirror” it was obvious:

I. Have. A. Phone. Phobia.

Always have… since I was little. Mom would say, “Do you want pizza for dinner?” And when I’d nod yes with eager anticipation she’d respond, “call Italian Village and order it.” To which I’d slink away and settle for eggs.

I’m not afraid of phones. Calling my friends, my sister, and even strangers now to order a pizza, isn’t an issue. Yet, when it comes to business, I will use any tactic to avoid picking up the phone.

This changes June 1st. My Insider Circle, which has their May training on how to create a one-year business plan, tonight at 7pm EST, will be getting a challenge for June to choose a fear they most need to do… daily. As a coach who practices what she preaches, I will be making 3 calls a day. YIKES! I just put that out there. Why didn’t I say 1? Because, my friend, I am better than 1, and you are better than your fears.

So, I am inserting an image of a mirror here… take a look.

Dig deep. You know which fear is in your blind spot, after all, you put it there. Need a little help? Here’s an exercise:

  1. Where is your business/progress stuck?
  2. What do you blame for the plateau you’ve hit?
  3. How do you rationalize the plateau?
  4. What can you do as far as taking a risk, or doing something that scares you to push past to the next level?

Don’t know? I don’t buy it. Look in that mirror again.

5.  WHAT IF YOU DID KNOW, what would you most need to do?
6. What if you did it for 30 days straight? What are the possibilities of growth to your business?

For me, I know I thrive when I have accountability which is why I shared my 30-day challenge. I also have a built-in accountability group to answer to daily in my Insider Circle. If you want that kind of accountability you are welcome to join us HERE. You’ll receive access to our private Facebook group.

What felt like an unimaginable risk, filled with self-doubt and fear for Frances, turned into her dreams come true. What if this is the first step to creating your happy beginning?

Ps… if you’re resistant, maybe you need to shift your mindset. I have a free webinar on the 5 Mindsets for Success that you can access HERE.

Live Passionately!


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