Look! There I am wearing the cutest outfit, in a twisted yoga pose, my perfectly fluffed couch pillows behind me, with a smile that makes you take a deep breath and sigh in the hopes of tapping into my peacefulness.

Oh Heeeey! There I am again, all gussied up in a formal dress and glitzy cowboy boots, in an Insta-perfect room, with a look on my face that says, “Not a care in the world.”

Here’s the deal… those pictures are a snapshot in time. Here is a list of what goes on behind the peaceful expression in my social media photos:

  1. I have 19 supplements I have to take a day. Two must be taken twice a day in between meals, 10 must be taken in a shake EVERYDAY (which means I have to make the shake), the rest must be poured into a measuring spoon, sprayed into my mouth with a syringe, taken in pill form or chewable.

That’s just to, ya know, keep me alive and healthy. On top of that I must:

  1. Do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio a day- this is not to keep in bikini shape, while that is a positive side effect. No I must do this, because if I skip 2 or worse 3 days… I will wake up feeling like a concrete brick is holding me down, and won’t be able to get out of bed, which spirals down to… well, let’s just say I have to do my cardio!
  2. I must drink at least 10 cups of water per day, MORE when I do hot yoga which is at least 5 days a week…
  3. I do hot yoga 5 days a week
  4. I have to eat 3 meals a day, one which must contain protein before 10am.

And then there’s my family:

  1. I moved to Las Vegas so I could be with my nephew as he grows up, bonus, I get to spend time with my sister and brother-in-law
  2. My parents live 5 minutes from me, but unlike when I lived them, I can’t take it for granted that I am going to see them every day. I make the effort to see them at least 3 times a week.

Let’s not forget that every day I’m working:

  1. I am the Director of Training for a Travel Company, which means I work 9-5, sometimes at night, weekends twice a month and at least 6 times a year I’m gone for 5 days minimum.
  2. Since 2008, I’ve had my own coaching company. This means, I have members of my coaching community I help on the daily, I do multiple live trainings each month, I create new content for my mini-mag, write books, create journals, and do social media evaluations and laser coaching… oh yes, and I have one-on-one clients.
  3. I represent a skincare brand which means, I help my customers and am always looking for more.
  4. I just added an athleisure line to my brand, because I wear workout clothes all the time so I may as well monetize my passion for fashion.
  5. I’m marketing on multiple social media platforms, writing blogs, creating content for videos, and revisiting my old podcast.

If that’s not already making your head spin:

  1. I love spending time with friends, going on vacation, getting out in nature, networking events, spending time at the outdoor mall, seeing shows and concerts, watching the 5 TV shows on my DVR, meditating, bubble baths…

Okay, that list can go on forever!

Does this sound in the least bit as overwhelming as your life? My list may be different than yours, but does the amount you want to jam into a day look like me?

If so, let me share my favorite time management tips with you:

  1. Plan your monthly goals, then weekly, then daily to-dos.
  2. Decide weekly how much time you are going to allot to each and schedule the time chunks in your calendar.
  3. Evaluate the quality of the time you spent and the results from your actions.
  4. Uncover your “busy-work” and drill down so you are only taking actions that produce the results you desire.
  5. GET HELP!!! Know why my living room pillows are perfectly fluffed? Because I pay someone to clean my house! My housekeeper is an entrepreneur. By giving her business, she helps me stay focused on my businesses.
  6. Marie Kondo your life. Online dating doesn’t bring me joy, so I don’t do it. That means dating is not on my list of priorities. I’d rather spend my evenings, at bath time with my nephew, followed by a yoga class, and ending being fed dinner by my parents. Get rid of the “obligations” you don’t have time for them! Do what makes you happy!

You can have all the pieces of your life, just maybe not in one perfect puzzle. But putting the puzzle together is what challenges us. Watching it come together is what keeps us going. Figure out which pieces of your life fit in your daily puzzle. And most of all love your life and love your journey!

You Got This!

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