When Mae (Emma Watson) is hired to work for the world’s largest and most powerful tech & social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company’s founder, Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks), to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and ultimately her personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment and every decision she makes begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family and that of humanity.

That’s a pretty heavy burden, and while the movie was an extreme example, you may feel that burden as well. The only reason I hear that a business owner or freelancer is not on social media is because of privacy. I totally get that. My sister and her husband want to keep their baby off of social media. I respect their privacy and they gave me the okay to post his outfit of the day or a hand or ear.

If there are parts of your life that you want to keep private, you don’t have to share those parts on social media. If you’re concerned that something you are posting would get you in trouble if Facebook suddenly changed its privacy policy and made your post public, then perhaps you shouldn’t be posting that status update at all.

There are safeguards you can implement on social media; privacy settings, lists of who can see which posts, blocking capability. But the reality is, once you upload something to the world wide web, it’s out there and somewhere someone can get their hands on it. So, be smart about what you’re posting.

Social media is so critical these days, that I’d compare not using it for business to not teaching your child how to read. Yes, your child will get through life but be at an extreme disadvantage. As a business owner, you want to take every advantage offered to you and social media checks off so many boxes:

  1. Marketing and advertising

  2. Selling tools

  3. Branding

  4. Global reach

  5. Fast interaction with your client base

  6. Building your client base

  7. Addressing negative “press”

  8. Finding and sharing resources

  9. Establishing yourself as the go-to person/expert in your field

  10. Connecting and reconnecting with people who would normally be out of reach

I could go on and on, but those 10 should be enough to prove that if you are not embracing social media for business then you are giving your competitors a HUGE advantage.

Be smart like Mae, and learn from any mistakes you may have made in the past and use social media to your advantage and in doing so making the world a bette place through your message.

To you success,


Here’s why we are different:
*Pioneers in skincare are our founders and the most quoted dermatologist in the world
*Competitively priced although we don’t have a true competitor
*We stand out because we were VERY successfully available in retail but doctors changed the game AGAIN and using market research as their guide chose direct sales as the retail success was based on referrals not location. No other Direct sales companies have that history
*We have the best vehicle with our solution tool!!! No other direct sales or traditional skincare company has a way to find out what products in what order are best for an individuals skincare needs!
*We are the FASTEST growing according to Euromonitor, since 2010 we have out paced every other skincare company, from 2012 to 2017 we have grown 66.6%, closest competitor Neutrogena has grown by 5.1%
*The other top 4 companys were found in:
Lancome 1935
Estee Lauder 1946
Clinque 1968
Neutrogena changed name 1962
We are almost 12 years old!

Brand awareness they are ahead of us!
When Euromonitor surveyed the market place
93% know Neutogena
92% clinique
87% Estee Lauder
83% Lancome
31% Rodan+Fields -which means if you go talk to 10 people only 3 will know the brand! PLENTY ROOM for growth

RETAIL landscape has changed
*51% of Americans regularly order on line
*No other skincare company offers an EMPTY bottle money back guarantee

Direct Sales Skeptics: Here’s what to say:

Zero requirements
No Parties
Historical demand for products in retail. People want these products.
Our % of sales to customers 75% income comes from customers
Consumer satisfaction is over 80%

We are SO unique because:
1. consumable product, results driven, experienced and visible (supplement, or vitamin does not have a visible reactions) with realistic expectations with a photograph to follow up! = Residual income
2. 2 fold value proposition- you can sell products and/or you can sell the business.
3. High demand in a growing category. Estimated in US $25.3B alone. In the last 5 years RF is responsible for 30% of the growth of the whole skincare product category. According to Euromonitor
4. Will-able and sellable, unique to RF
5. Not regulated to a geographical space other than the countries we do business, we can grow anywhere we can contact people. ½ the total global skincare market is in Asia
6. Who you go into business with matters. The quality and character of the people in that company makes all the difference. It is crucial. We have incredible, kind, honest people from the top down. They always make it right
7. Virtual Platform: completely unique and it is the vision for the future. That won’t always be the case but ours will is and will continue to be amazing
8. Compensation, you need to be paid for anything you do. You cannot sign up a Rockstar and sit back and just earn from them. The plan is equitable and generous
9. Brand recognition, Proactiv, and the doctors on the Forbes list

Here are some of the FACTS about RF:

We are #1 skincare brand in US and in North America
#1 anti aging, #1 acne #1 prestige brand
Although we are currently
14% of US
18% of prestige
7% of skincare market overall
So much room for growth

When we launch a new product we dominate the category!

Lash serums $550 million dollar market we now have 60%
Radiant Defense $6 B market category -numbers not in yet, estimate is HIGH
2017 we grew 255.6% in moisturizer category
Current footprint only covers 18% of the global skincare

People are interested! We just have to take it to them!

What’s next?
Teens spend $3.3 B on beauty and personal care
Gen Alfa $3.8 B on beauty
Men $8.7B

The reality!
Currently there are 172,000 consultants utilizing company wide FREE biz training.
Probably 25% to 30% are actually working their businesses. Doing what the training teaches so approx. 51,000 actively building their business.
If each of those 51,000 worked as hard as possible and got to ALL of the 370 million available customers in 3 countries we could have each have 7,500 customers. I have about 120 customers and I make a good income. Imagine!


I would love to help you get a piece of the pie 🙂

To your success,


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