When a girl in her 20s brings a guy in his 60s to her mom’s Hamptons House for a fun weekend, she is surprised when her mom and aunt are there. Her mom, also in her 60s, ends up falling in love with the guy, but when he breaks her heart, she finds solace in the arms of a 40-year-old.

Yes, there are many generational undertones in this film. The older I get the more I appreciate them. The point of this article is to let you know that whatever your age, you have something to share that’s important to the world. Before we get to that, let me clarify the generations:

Traditionalists 1945 or before
Baby Boomers 1946-1964
Generation X 1965-1976
Millennials 1977-1995
Gen Z 1996-TBD

Nice and easy to determine what generation you are if you didn’t already know.

Back to you what you have to share with the world. If you’re new to me, I have coached well over 1000 people one-on-one, of all ages. The young people (In this case Gen Z & and younger Millennials) tell me, “I’m too young and unaccomplished to be taken seriously as an influencer.” The older people (Baby Boomers and Traditionalists) say, “I’m too old to be relevant as an influencer.” The people in the middle (Gen X and older Millennials) insist that they are not young and hip enough or old and experienced enough to be an influencer.

Yet, when I polled my Facebook Page, the number one topic people wanted to be trained on was How to Be an Influencer.

So, you want to be influential, you want to be seen and heard so you can sell, inspire, and make people’s lives better, but you don’t believe (deep down inside… or maybe right smack in the mirror) that you have what the “real influencers” have.

This is #1 of 3 newsletters I’m going to send you this month, so you can build up you understanding that you have exactly what you need to be an influencer. To help you, REGISTER  for my FREE MASTERCLASS The 5 Mistakes Keeping You From Being an Influencer.

Let’s start with some thought provoking questions to get you prepped for next week’s newsletter:

  1. Why do you want to be an influencer?
  2. What topics are you confident in that as an influencer you’d share?
  3. How will being an influencer impact your life?
  4. How will being an influencer impact the lives of others?
  5. What is your biggest obstacle to being an influencer?

And Action!
Take the time to answer the above questions truthfully. This will prepare you for the next step.

While age was an influence in the decisions being made in Something’s Gotta Give, In the end, each generation made the right choices for themselves and the people whose lives they impacted.


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