In the movie LADY BIRD, Christine is a strong-willed teen with dreams and goals that are constantly being shot down by her harsh mother. In an act of defiance, she changes her name to Lady Bird. While her mom’s love is painfully revealed on the screen to the audience, the acid-toned remarks delivered to Lady Bird are crushing to her spirit. It was heartbreaking to watch the teen apologize for being bad when she wasn’t. Yet, she didn’t give up. Her desire persevered.

~Who is Sabotaging You?~

If you don’t have the life, happiness, or success you want right now, I suggest you examine the people in your life who are sabotaging you.

I’ve coached clients who have such a spark, great vision, excitement, and passion. We put together a plan, set goals, and then the next month… nothing. No movement. I have a technique for finding the moment that caused my client to halt, and without fail it was a judgmental remark from a respected family member or friend. In rare cases, it’s a rejection from a virtual stranger. What I want you to take away from this is that it wasn’t self-doubt, it was doubt created by someone else.

~How to Fight for Your Future~

How do you protect yourself and your aspirations from the naysayers, the dream-crushers or the jealous rivals, who disguise themselves as your supporters? Here are some tips:

  1. Stop Sharing: It’s time to be honest with yourself and recognize toxic people who do not have your best interest at heart. If they are family members or friends for years, you don’t have to cut them out of your life, but you do have to make a conscious decision not to share vulnerable topics.
  2. Find Supportive Voices: Likeminded people are out there. You deserve to be surrounded by people who uplift, inspire and push you through the challenges. These are people with whom you can share your weaknesses, but instead of exploiting them, they’ll help you figure out how to turn them into strengths or find another way.
  3. Strengthen Your Belief: Choose a mantra like “my life is rigged for greatness,” “I was born for success and nothing will stop me,” or “I know this is my calling and I am unstoppable.” The same way others can brainwash you into believing the negative possibilities in regard to your dreams, you can brainwash yourself into believing you deserve and are meant to achieve your goals.

~For a Better Life, Ask Better Questions~

  • What if you knew for sure your life is rigged for greatness? How would you act? How would you carry yourself? What risks would you take?
  • What if you discovered you were born to (insert your dream here)? How would you feel? Who would you want to share your life with? How would you pursue your dream differently?
  • Do you have a calling? Does it make you act unstoppable? If not, what stops you?

One important takeaway from LADY BIRD is that every cringe-worthy, hurtful comment Christine’s mother made was a reflection of how her mom felt about herself. She didn’t know how to express the love she felt for her daughter, which is sad for both of them but didn’t stop Lady Bird from following through with her goals. That takes STRENGTH. And like with your muscles, strength is something you can build with the right coach.

~If You Could Do it on Your Own, Wouldn’t You Have Done it Already?~

It is my passion to encourage you on your journey to living your ideal life. My next mission is to create a community of ambitious people to support each other and be the counter voices to any saboteurs of the past, present or future.

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