Long-haul flights are never easy.

Any flight that lasts 6 hours or more can seem pretty intimidating, and we totally get it—they are! You probably have all types of questions going through your head.

Do I just sleep the whole time? (I usually do)

  • Is the food good?
  • Do I bring extra stuff?
  • Will I be cramped?
  • What do I DO the entire time?

It’s normal to wonder about how you’re going to survive an entire day in an airplane—and we’re here to help you plan ahead for the most comfortable ride possible.

Because the destination is so worth it, isn’t it?



If possible: upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! Here is where having a travel agent on your side will help you out immensely. The luxury of having leg room, reclining seats and all those other goodies that come with a first-class ticket will make you thank your lucky stars.

 Hold the popcorn, but bring on the movies

Now’s your time to finally watch every Academy Award-winning film ever made. Of course, save some time to complete some work if needed, but when you get stuck in those grim middle hours of a long-haul flight, you’re going to need something light and fun to occupy your mind before you go absolutely crazy.

 Don’t carry too much on board

You need as much room as possible. Bring necessities, but remember that a big bulky bag wedged under the seat in front of you is just taking up more room that could be reserved for stretching your legs.

 Don’t forget your neck pillow

In-flight gear is an absolute MUST for long-haul flights! Bring the neck pillow, the blanket, your headphones, the eye masks… anything that will make you as comfy as possible.

 Consider a sleep aid

If you’re planning on taking a sleep aid for your flight, even a natural one, we recommend trying it out long before your flight. You never know how your body will react to it, so check it out first before you’re stuck in the sky!

 Be smart about choosing your seats

Use SeatGuru to help you determine which seats are your best bet for being the most comfortable. Think about your personal preferences, and let SeatGuru guide you to where you’ll have your most enjoyable flight.

 Take care of your health

Increase your hydration intake for your long-haul flight. Consuming electrolytes (i.e., Gatorade) will ensure you’ll be at your best. Clean your seat area with some anti-bacterial wipes because this will help you to avoid the airplane colds that hit so many passengers.

Let’s be honest. Long-haul flights can suck the life out of you, but with proper planning in advance and these tips in place, you’ll be able to make your time on board not as bad. And when you land, you’ll be so glad you did.

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