Can you imagine a family, so pre-occupied, that they leave their 8-year-old son home alone for the holiday? And to make it worse on the kid, he has to protect his home from burglars.

This is the time of year that people tend to go a little crazy. Between shopping for gifts and preparing for relatives or maybe even preparing to spend the holidays alone, it can be an extremely stressful month.

When I asked my Facebook friends to give their input on their favorite holiday movies to trigger a spark of creative inspiration for this article, I enjoyed reading their answers. Most of the movies I’d already used over the last 8 years (considering I write a Thanksgiving article and two December articles).

Then I found my inspiration in the strangest title. Based on the guy who contributed the title, I assumed he was being lovingly snarky, and yet, the title stuck with me, and so I wrote…

What about all of the people who are “Home Alone” for the holidays? In my twenties, I always volunteered to work on the holidays because my family was across the country and I didn’t have the means to go home. Occasionally, there would be the “Orphan Thanksgiving” made up of friends who also, had family in other states. As California became my home, I was invited to other family’s Christmas Eve celebrations and sometimes I would go. But many of my years in California was spent “Home Alone” for the holidays. Maybe that’s why the title stirred something in me.

Contrary to how this article started out, the objective is not to make you feel uncomfortable for being blessed with celebration, it’s to ask you to be empathetic this season.

Someone may start a fight with you over a sale item in a store… maybe that’s the most they can afford, and they need it more than you.

Someone may yell at you to shut up as you sing along to a Christmas carol in your car, with your windows down… maybe that person just lost someone they love.

Someone may not be returning your calls that you are gleefully leaving on their voicemail, in your holiday blissfulness… maybe they are home alone, and don’t feel like talking.

I’ve written articles on random acts of kindness, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and paying it forward. This holiday season, my challenge to you is to enjoy every minute of your happiness, and be hyper sensitive to those who may be suffering a loss. Loss comes in many forms: a loved one, financial, self-esteem.

Instead of reacting in kind when someone is rude to you this season, instead, react in kindness.

Or if YOU are the one who is suffering a loss, allow others to show you kindness, you deserve it.

For those of you spending the holidays home alone, don’t allow “the burglars in your head” to get the best of you. Do something that makes you feel good. Curl up with a good movie, skype with loved ones, call someone else who is home alone, to lift their spirit.


  1. Make a holiday plan now, to ensure you will feel at peace during the holidays this year.
  2. If your abundance is overflowing, give back to someone you know struggles with the holidays. Just a thoughtful note can lift a person’s spirits.

In Home Alone, there was so much commotion, someone was left behind. This holiday season, slow down, so you can take care of yourself, and in doing so, those you love.

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