I was always romanced by the night sky. I loved stargazing as a young girl in sleep away camp, which prompted me to take astronomy in high school as my science elective… we were lucky enough to have a planetarium.

Then I saw Can’t Buy Me Love with that romantic telescope scene… I was wooed by it. After college I moved into Manhattan and found myself in a gorgeous apartment. I can’t remember whose it was or why I was there, yet what always stuck with me was the beautiful telescope that pointed toward the large glass window of the high rise. Years later, in California, when I’d walk along the path in Manhattan Beach, I’d always stop to admire the modern beach house with the blue tinted wall-sized windows and a huge telescope pointed at the sky. Finally, the childhood fantasy made it to my vision board in 2015.

I don’t usually share my boards; they are for me to dream and plant seeds. They represent goals in my mind that don’t make sense to anyone but me. Today, something struck me that caused me to search the depths of my computer files (I’m terrible at naming files so they are impossible find). I remembered a picture I had put on a board… a telescope. This is my vision board from 2015:

If you look at my Instagram Page on February 19th, (follow me while you’re there,)I posted that same kayak photo from MY perspective. I was in the kayak, it’s practically the same picture!

December 20th, 2018, I posted the truck, it’s a bit more rusted, but I snapped the photo on the famous Route 66 while taking a cross country trip. The truck has also found its way into my new place. Of all the artwork I browsed, the piece that came home with me was the truck! You can see it in the background of my Grocery Haul videos on Instagram. I also woke up in my new city, this past winter, looked out of my bedroom window and saw snow covered mountains… I can go on about ways other photos have manifested in this board, but…

My point is this. You create a vision board to plant the seeds of what you want in your conscious mind, then when you put the board away, your unconscious mind, is still working on how to get the pieces of the board.

I hadn’t thought about a telescope in years. And then one day, like that actor’s name that pops into your head hours after you gave up on it, I have a telescope in my house.

The clearer you are with your vision of what you want, the easier it is for your brain to solve how to get it.
And Action!

  1. Collect pictures, words, and phrases that you want to manifest.
  2. Assemble them as an art project with paper and glue or a tech project (my choice) where you create your board in a program like Pages.
  3. Put your vision board somewhere you can see it everyday.
  4. Next year put it away and create a new one.
  5. Every few years, check back with your old vision boards to see what has come to fruition. It’s mind-blowingly amazing!!!

The telescope helped seal the deal for Patrick Dempsey, for me, it proved again, that with the power of clarity, you can have, be, or create, whatever you can dream up… in some form.

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