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I love calling myself a Fashionista, because ten years ago I could care less about clothes, shoes, bags or jewelry. I STILL have a pair of jeans in my closet from high school… yes, they still fit… no, they don’t bring me joy… probably time to Marie Kondo them!

Growing up, everyone bought the same $85 Benetton sweater and outrageously priced Guess Jeans. I refused to buy into fashion because I didn’t want to look like everyone else. Little did I know that my “Tomboy Chic” was a fashion statement in itself.

Then, about ten years ago, I started shopping in my favorite store… my sister’s closet. It’s not capitalized because it’s literally my sister’s closet. Being in the magazine industry, my sister changed clothes, bags and jewelry by the season (shoes too, but we don’t wear the same size- rats!)

This meant every six months my sister would call me up, totally stressed out because she wanted help cleaning out her closet. I grew to love this task because it meant, I got to be of help AND get a season old designer wardrobe to take home.

As my love for fashion grew, so did my understanding of how my style affects my mood and my brand. I realized that not everything my sister wore was my taste, so I ventured out on my own and became a true Maxxinista.

I describe my favorite style as BoHo Chic, though I spend most of my time in athletic-leisure. I don’t pay a lot for trendy clothing but will spend on a piece I know I’ll have for years. Clothes have to feel good on my skin, bring out a side of my personality; sassy, professional, playful, badass. Jewelry, bags and shoes… well, they add the finishing touches that make my look uniquely me.

Let’s discover the world of personal branding through fashion together!

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