I’m Jessica Sitomer, and the most important thing to know about me is…

I’m Your Biggest Fan!

You may be thinking, “But Jessica, you don’t even know me.”  Whether I know you or not, it is in my makeup to help you succeed.  It is my passion, my mission, and the reason I am here.

If you’re a doubter who likes data proof, I’ve even taken 3 personality tests; the Enneagram, Disc, and High 5, all confirm my mission of helping you achieve your dreams.

If you’re more of a touchy-feely type, I like this analogy:  I fall in love with every puppy I meet.  Not just, “Oh, what a cute pup,” but full-on, get down on the dirty sidewalk, take deep inhales of puppy breath, allow sharp teeth to gnaw on my fingers, and indulging in a face full of puppy licks and slobber.  I even experience the aftermath of heart-hurt for at least a half hour after saying goodbye.  That’s how passionate I am about your dreams.  I’m instantly in love and invested in you and your success, whatever your breath smells like.

As a single woman with no children, I take pride in being a doting daughter, a thoughtful sister, and an obsessed auntie to my toddler nephew.  My work is my life, which is pretty cool because it means researching anything that might make your life better, like challenging myself to do my first half-marathon this year, traveling the world so I can share cool destinations, discovering methods for reducing stress (like my new Tibetan singing bowl and mala beads), and of course, my insatiable appetite for business and personal development coaching, books and journaling.


As a career coach for over 20 years, I’ve met so many people with heart-centered, artistic, and visionary dreams.  If I’m describing you, then you’ve found your place.

My commitment on this site, is to give you inspiration, motivation and tools to go after your goals like the world depends on it!  Because I believe if you were given the vision, the world is waiting to be changed by your dreams.  I want to help you do just that!



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