One pair of jeans that travels the world going from friend to friend. I loved this movie when it came out. It also made me want to travel, just like those pants.

My wish came true, and now I travel for speaking/business multiple times a month. Because I’m on someone else’s dime, I do my best to make the most of the city in the short time I’m there. Here are some tips for traveling for business:

1. ALWAYS check the weather before you pack. I was the only person in Scotland who brought a raincoat and rain boots, and boy was I happy!

2. Know the difference between Direct Flights and Non-stop. Non-stop means there are no stops vs Direct that do have stops. Even if you don’t have to get off the plane, it’s easier on your body to get up in the air and go straight to your destination.

3. Pack food. Flights get delayed and you may not have time during your layover to stop at a restaurant because you’re running for your next gate.

4. If you only have a day or a few hours to enjoy a city, get a ticket for one of the on/off buses with the tour guide. You will see and learn so much about the city. I always go around once and then decide which stops to get off and explore (time permitting).

5. Know what to do if your flight is cancelled. My suggestion, work with a travel agent, so he/she can help you when this happens (which in the last 3 months since the grounding of the Boeing 737s has been happening more often than usual).

6. If it’s a short business trip, do your best to pack light in a carry on. I prefer to use two canvas bags, so if I’m at the end of the boarding, they don’t take my roller bag away to be checked.

7. Take photos of your receipts. If you get reimbursed for travel expenses, sometimes you can lose or forget about a receipt. If you take a picture right when you get it, you just scroll through your phone and email them all in one batch.

And Action!

Share a picture on social media that represents you and your #SuitcaseLife and tag me in it. I’d love to see where you’re going, where you’ve been and how you travel.

“The pants” enjoyed traveling so much, they made a sequel. I haven’t seen it yet, but noticed it on Netflix, so of course I’ve added it to my list.

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