Rocketman is a visually stunning story of Sir Elton John’s rise to fame. His parents… whoa! The music industry, well, we’ve all heard the horror stories. Through all the rejection, words of sabotage and users who crushed him, one person, loved him always, and to this day they are still best friends and writing partners. Bernie Taupin was beautifully portrayed in the film which I thought was so important, because as we follow our dreams, we need a positive voice lifting us up when it gets hard.

As business owners/entrepreneurs it gets hard. You can’t avoid it. Most people give up. When I went to the SBDC in 2007 when I wanted to start my own business, I was warned that most businesses fail within the first 5 years.  Well, it’s twelve years later and ‘I’m still standing.’

I saw this movie at a time where I was trying to ‘put down in words’ what it is I do for you. With my new book launching August 1st, I’m reevaluating my social media bios and images, my website copy, and questioning, “what makes me different than other business coaches out there?”

I thought long and hard about it, and I’ve come to this conclusion based on where I came from, who I’ve helped, how I’ve helped them, where I am today, and why I care so D*MN much!

I am the coach who will catch you when you fall! I am the person who cares about your success when others make you doubt yourself! I will continue to show up to inspire, motivate and teach you. That’s what I do. I keep showing up for you. You may think, but Jessica, you don’t even know me… guess what? I don’t care if I know you… if you RIGHT NOW feel self-doubt, want to give up after a rejection or a failure, are scared to do what you know you need to do, respond to me, today. Tell me what you’re going through. I will read and I will encourage you… DON’T GIVE UP!!! Don’t say to yourself, well, she probably has hundreds of people responding to her, so I’m not going to write to her too… she’s too busy. STOP! Get out of your own way and write to me!

Can’t you see? This is what I’m called to do, I care about you whether I know you or not. I’ve had so many dreams in my heart and my head, and I’ve fallen down so many times, and I have felt doubt, and I have wanted to quit, I have quit, then I got pulled back in… I have my “Bernies” who remind me who I am and what I do best, and who lift me up, but even without them, I’ve pulled myself out of some dark places. And if I can do it, you can do it!

I don’t know where you are in your business today or if this particular message was meant for you, I just felt compelled to write is, so if this is for you, please don’t quit, don’t beat yourself up, if you need someone to lift you back up, reach out to someone even if it’s me. We may have our own businesses, but you are not in business alone. We entrepreneurs are the risk takers, the world changers, and dream chasers, and there needs to be more of us!

ps: please ignore the run-on sentences, extra words, and any other grammatical faux pas… I wrote this from the heart as it entered my head and I’m not going to change the message as this is exactly how it came to me… grammar flaws and all.

pps: ‘I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.’

And Action!

  1. Make a list of all the successes you’ve accomplished since you started your business.
  2. Write a mission statement about why you feel called to do what you do
  3. Shout out your “Bernie(s)” either in public on social media, or privately in a thank you note

Elton has been sober and successful for 28 years and has found the love of a partner and kids. His music has touched so many lives. Let’s not imagine a world if he’d given up and given in to the pitfalls and vices of the music industry.


Over the past 11 years Kathy Hoffman has magically sent a text, email or made a call at the exact moment I needed her for my coaching business. Now as my partner she continues to be the Sheldon to my Penny.

Andrea Baker has cheered me into my R+F business, all along the way gently coaching me to hit milestones, showering me with gifts and being an example of what I can achieve.

James Ferrara met me and had a vision for our journey together before I even knew what a BDM was (travel agents will laugh at that joke). He has mentored me, taken me to countries I’ve never been, introduced me to a whole new industry and incredible people I never would have met, if I hadn’t been excited by his vision.

All three have never failed to support me through my many ups and downs. Whenever I need encouragement through a new challenge, a reminder that I am stronger than I think, and someone to yank me out of a pity party, they are always there, and I couldn’t be luckier.

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