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Have you been told you must focus on one thing? Have you heard the phrase you must “niche to get rich”?

I had. And though the sentiments didn’t sit right with me, I tried it. And guess what? It didn’t work. In fact, it nearly killed me!

Burn out from focusing on one business affected my health and productivity. It put me in debt and it put me in an MRI machine! But the silver lining was it led to me to branch out of my “brand” and write a book about something new I was passionate about; helping people be more productive with less stress. Branching out felt good. I began to repair my health and reduce my debt.

Then I was offered a business opportunity in Direct Sales, partnering with a (now) billion dollar brand and world-renowned doctors. Despite the company’s great reputation, it was so way out of my “brand” alignment, that I gave a hard NO. But I changed my mind. Why? Shark Tank.

I LOVE this show. I’m in awe of the concepts that the Average Joes to the Brilliant Minds, think up. From “The Breathometer” and “Scrub Daddy” to the wacky “Pinot-Meow” (so you can have wine with your cat). The creativity and innovation of the ideas are so inspiring, as is the passion of the contestants. The pitch process these contestants go through from the design, to the research, to their presentation, is such a great learning tool for me as a viewer.

Of course watching the Sharks fight over the “chum” is highly entertaining, and I love each one of them for different reasons. I was intrigued enough to do some research on their backgrounds. I listened to Robert Herjavec read his book You Don’t Have To Be A Shark (while I drove around in my car), watched YouTube videos on Mark Cuban, and read articles on Kevin O’Leary AKA Mr. Wonderful.

A bit fascinated by Kevin, I Googled to see the contestants and their products, with whom he’d partnered. At first I was shocked. Here is a man with a very clear brand: Mr. Wonderful, and yet his businesses had nothing in common… at first glance. I mean I can see how his business in wine could blend with the comical Apollo Peak, after all, it’s still wine (even if it’s for cats). But what did wine for humans or cats have to do with electric skateboards, Sunscreener (a device that helps you detect where you missed a spot of sunscreen), gym garage equipment, a motion-activated toilet seat light, Boo Boo Goo, Wicked Good Cupcakes, which by the way I tried in Boston (Gluten free of course) and were outrageously, wicked good, and the strangest one to me… the potato parcel, a gag gift where a potato with a printed message is sent? Huh??? Mr. Wonderful’s seemed all over the place to me.

Then I saw it… what they all have in common. They make him money! He’s a businessman and entrepreneur. He doesn’t judge products so much as evaluate if they’ll make him money. I’m sure he has turned down pitches that can make him money that are against his ethics… (insert another Shark saying, “What ethics?”). I don’t see anything that could be used illegally or intentionally cause harm (although I’d probably knock myself out on the Self Balancing Unicycle).

I recognized that here, in the shark tank, I admire a group of successful, smart, savvy business women and men, who are passionate about many companies, people, products and multiple streams of income.

That’s when I knew I’d rather model myself after the Sharks than the trainers who were trying to put me in a niche AKA a black hole!

I haven’t looked back since. I now make money from multiple streams:

  1. Coaching/Speaking – for multiple industries- paid by companies
  2. Products- paid per purchase
  3. Books- paid royalties
  4. Writing- paid per job
  5. Entertainment jobs- paid per job and residuals
  6. Skincare (like the Sharks I partnered with a winning brand. They do all the heavy lifting, I simply share how passionate I am about the products)- paid commission
  7. Direct Sales – paid on my team’s performance
  8. Travel Booking- (I know, random… but thanks to a great company I train for, I’m a travel agent, so I book for friends and family)- paid commission
  9. Investments – paid dividends

Am I Mr. Wonderful? No, I’m Jessica Sitomer, PassionPreneur, and I am passionate about every single one of my income streams, always getting healthier, debt free, and my skin is frickin’ gorgeous (yes, I am loud and proud when it comes to my skincare)!

My point is: GET OVER YOUR FEAR of misaligned branding and make money every way you find that is ethical, so you can do with it whatever you choose, to help yourself, your family, your community, your world! Wooooo! Can I get an AMEN?! 

If you want me to show you how everything you’re passionate about can tie into your brand, let’s talk! REQUEST A CALL HERE

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