I’ve read a couple of comments on the internet, asking if Savvi was a scam, so I thought I would address this in a blog post…..

First, I’d like to make sure we are on the same page. The dictionary defines scam as a noun: A dishonest scheme; a fraud or a verb: swindle.

I also Googled What does being scammed mean?

Word forms: scamsscammingscammed. 1. transitive verb. If someone scams a person or organization, they deceive them in order to get something valuable from them, especially money.

So, if you are asking if the Savvi Lifestyle Brand is trying to deceive you to get your money, let’s look at the facts and you can decide.

Scams that deceive you out of your money generally take your money and run (or keep taking your money until you realize you are not getting the benefit promised to you). For example: when my Uncle was called by a scam artist and told that his grandson who was on vacation in Mexico, was in a terrible accident (my uncle was texted a picture of a face wrapped in gauze so the person was unrecognizable), and was asked to “Send four thousand dollars to cover his medical costs and not tell his Dad because he didn’t know about the trip.” My uncle sent the money. When the scam artist called again for more money, my uncle reached out to his son, to discover his grandson was at home and well, but his cell phone had been hacked.

Fact: Savvi offers you 4 options to become a brand ambassador. For each option you are given tech and an app to run a business virtually. When you purchase one of 3 kits, in return for your money you are sent Savvi Swag and darn cute clothing. So, no scam there. You get what you pay for.

Have you questioned if Savvi is a scam because people are being dishonest about how much money you can make?

Fact: Owning a business whether it be brick and mortar, online, a franchise (like MacDonald’s) or renting a chair in a hair salon, etc., is a risk. No one can promise you income because when you decide to own a business you also control how much time and effort you put into it, which will effect how much money you can make. However, I can tell you that the commission schedule in Savvi is very generous, and more than most other companies.

Have you questioned if Savvi is a scam because someone told you that they worked harder than someone else who is a Savvi Stylist, and they failed, yet the Savvi Stylist who didn’t work as hard is doing well, so it must be a flaw in Savvi, and therefore a scam?

Fact: You have skills that you have mastered and you have skills that need some work. Someone with strong skills where you are weak may do better than you in less time with less work. That does not make Savvi a scam, it makes you a work in progress. The good news is, owning a low risk business like being a Savvi rep, gives you the opportunity to get better at skills and grow through personal development, and Savvi provides all the training you need.

Have you questioned if Savvi is a scam because you make money off of your friends and family?

Fact: When you tell your friends and family about a cool item you bought on Amazon and they choose to buy it, Amazon makes money off of them. Amazon is not a scam. It is an e-commerce business… like Savvi.

Have you questioned if Savvi is a scam because you have to pay a lot of money for clothes in order to make money?

Fact: Once you become a Savvi Stylist (one-time purchase of your choice I mentioned above), you are not obligated to purchase another thing or spend another dime, that you don’t choose to spend.

All that said, I do have some warnings for you:

  1. Being a Savvi Stylist is really fun and you are going to want to do it with people you care about and have fun with.
  2. The clothes are freaking cute and great quality, so if you don’t want to spend more than what you are making in profit, do not go into your app… it is too tempting!! Like worse than me knowing there’s a box of chocolate covered blueberries in my fridge.
  3. It is really awesome to own your own business and extremely empowering to be your own boss, so your confidence and self-esteem are going to grow and you may feel like a superhero knowing you’re helping so many people feel good in their clothing and want to move their bodies.

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