Brush your teethRecently I read a quote from Dr. Katie Rodan, “You cannot eat junk food everyday and then do a cleanse and expect to be thin. You can’t go to the gym once in a while and expect to be fit. You don’t just brush your teeth once a month. Having beautiful skin is something that you work at every single day, and if you don’t take care of it, then it takes a lot of work to reverse the damage.”

This got me thinking about my own habits, the habits of my friends (you know who you are), and the damage we’ve done. In my book from Burnout to Bliss, I address stress from all angles. Early on, I address the basics that fall under your health; sleep, diet, exercise, nutrition and more. One of my more challenging habits I share, is my struggle with flossing! So Dr. Rodan’s quote got me thinking about why this was such a challenge for me. The answer… I don’t enjoy it. I never enjoyed washing my face, so I went to bed with make up on my skin (Ack.. I shudder to think… so BAD for me!), and getting those daily recommended doses of vegetables and fruit, was a pain in the butt because I don’t like cooking and quite frankly I don’t care about eating. If I could drink all of my nutrition through a straw, once a day and be done with it, I’d say, “Bye Bye food!” and put my energy somewhere else. But none of those scenarios are realistic for me.

As a coach, I ask my clients to look for alternatives that they DO like to achieve the same end. So here are 3 solutions I found to create healthy habits for my teeth, skin and nutrition:

1. Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser Power Toothbrush Combo- I LOVE this! The dental hygienist said that it does not take the place of flossing and to use on the lowest setting… BUT, I love how it feels so I use the waterpik at least 3 times a day. At night, when I do my flossing, it becomes part of my 3 part routine of: waterpik, floss, brush. Easy peasy! The fact that I look forward to the Waterpik guarantees my gum health which is a huge breakthrough for me. The whole process: 5 minutes!

2. Numbered Skincare- For the last year, I’ve been using a skincare routine in the morning AND at night which is a huge change from flat out ignoring my skin (which I’d done my whole life). Unfortunately, it took seeing changes in my skin (not for the better) that prompted me to “nip them in the bud.” In the past my dermatologist had given me expensive products (I’ve never finished a bottle). My sister would get anti-aging products in gift bags that she would pass on to me that I never tried… but seeing the turkey neck start and the crows feet that lingered too long after a smile, made me unhappy!

IMG_7383And one thing I knew was that everyday I was aging so ‘this day’ was the best my skin was ever going to look unless I did something about it. Obstacle: 1. I didn’t think I liked washing my face 2. I was too lazy to wash my face 3. I hated having to go out and buy products. What I discovered by using THESE products 1. I like taking care of my skin because it makes me feel pampered AND I see the results I want. 2. These particular products are numbered, so I do #1 then #2 then #3… easy for me. 3. They are shipped directly to me and I can pick and choose what I need, when I need it. I never get anything I don’t want. The whole process: morning 3 minutes evening 5 minutes.


3. Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender- How dIMG_8980o I get a banana, blueberries, strawberries, mango, kale, coconut oil, flaxseed, and other nutritional pieces to my “dislike of cooking” puzzle into my daily diet? I blend it! That’s right, I pull out 11 ingredients that include protein, fruits, healthy fats, and greens, put them in my Breville Blender and press “smoothie.” The whole process: 5 minutes to make 3 minutes to drink.

Ultimately, as we get older, our bodies change, our hormones change, our skin changes, and we must find solutions to make these changes a pleasure.

If you have any healthy tips or gadgets you can recommend, please share in the comments below…


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